Unlocking Desire



Produktion von KHOROS Inc.

Marlene Boll Theater Detroit


Premiere 23.09.2011


writer - Barbara Neri
director - John Jakary 
set designer - Elisa Limberg
lighting designer - Dave Early
costume designer - Jomarie Soszynski
video - Alivia Zivich


performed by

Linda Rabin Hammell, Kenny Kono, J Michael Morgan, Eric Niece, Sean Paraventi, Yolanda Perez, Madelyn Porter, Sean Rodriguez, Kristen Wagner and Krista Schafer


Enchore Michigan John Quinn

"(...) Neri returns often to the metaphor of mirrors showing both truth and illusion. This theme carries over into the setting. The wall drapes of the Marlene Boll Theater are swept back, exchanging the cozy "black box" for bleak cinder block and gray steel doors. The stark space is used to full advantage by scenic designer Elisa Limberg's fluid set – movable walls of wide spaced wooden slats. The scene changes are done in "blue light" convention, but they're so watchable one wonders if changes don't merit full lighting. (...)"